Having overcome many health obstacles myself, I felt propelled to help others experiencing the same now. Growing up, I was overweight and unconfident. Losing weight started to impact my day-to-day activities. I went through vicious cycles of deprivation and binging, lacked connection with my body, and experienced a controlling mindset around food. This led to a malfunctioning reproductive system, compromised gut health, and an anxiety disorder. It took me hitting rock bottom to realize I needed to take a different approach and work on my mindset and nutrition holistically to heal properly. I found a balance with myself and food, which created a positive ripple effect in many other areas of my life.

“I know firsthand how challenging your health journey can be and want to coach others who are experiencing what I have in the past and move on with confidence!”

I decided to follow my passion and quit working in the stressful and high-paced advertising industry to become a Nutritionist and Health Coach. I earned accreditation and furthered my education to become a health coach at Civas and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), specializing in gut health. I currently coach clients in my private practice, work as an in-house coach with corporate companies, and am part of the behavioral health therapy team at Galileo Health. I am prequalified to sit for the 2022 NBHWC coaching exam, the most recognized accreditation in the field. Understanding how our miraculous body works is absolutely fascinating to me, and my passion for health has since only grown as I continue to learn.

My mission is to empower you to own your health and happiness and live life to the absolute fullest. I found balance in my life, and I know you can too!


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