Will I Gain Or Lose Weight With Intuitive Eating?

Have you heard of the theory ‘Intuitive Eating’? It is a teaching style and way of eating that can help people build a healthy relationship with food and themselves. Ten principles are at the core of intuitive eating, these are:

1. Reject the Diet Mentality. 

2. Honor Your Hunger. 

3. Make Peace with Food. 

4. Challenge the Food Police. 

5. Respect Your Fullness.

6. Discover the Satisfaction Factor. 

7. Honor Your Feelings Without Using Food to Cope. 

8. Respect Your Body.

9. Gentle Exercise. 

10. Honor Your Health through Gentle Nutrition.

Although I teach my clients to become more intuitive in their eating and take these principles into account with my coaching framework, I can’t officially say I teach according to this approach. Why? Because intuitive eating is completely against intentional weight loss, and I don’t see things as that black and white. Do you have to choose to break free from the diet mindset and weight yoyo-ing or losing weight? Not at all. 

I believe you can lose weight, build a healthy relationship with food, AND improve your nutrition. It doesn’t have to be either-or, and it doesn’t mean you are taking action from a place of self-loathing. I have worked with many clients who want to lose weight and tackle other symptoms related to their health. Weight loss is intentional, but it is not the sole reason why they come to see me and their only goal.

When you start your intuitive eating journey, there are three possible outcomes regarding your weight. You may stay the same weight, lose weight, or gain weight. What happens with your weight isn’t what’s most important, though, nor is it in my coaching. The focus is on learning how to trust your body, become more in tune with your innate wisdom, and break free from external noise and diet culture. I guarantee I can help you achieve these results while assisting you to lose weight healthily. Is that against intuitive eating and an unpopular opinion? Maybe, but I fully stand by my opinion and have achieved remarkable results with my clients. 

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