How Chemical Free Living Balanced my Hormones and Helped Get my Cycle Regular

Today, I am an advocate for non-chemical and low-tox living. Have I always been so green-focused? Absolutely not. I experienced a massive resistance towards this part of the health and wellness puzzle. However, you do get what you put in with following a more clean way of living, and I want to share my story with you for that reason. Especially, if like me, you push back on making changes towards your health in this area of your life. Hey – we’re all human, right?

“Not another thing I have to keep in mind and change.

I must admit, when I first learned about the harmful consequences chemicals have on our (hormone) health and the planet, I wasn’t fully open to taking action and making changes. I was super health-focused and consistently working towards a better me with my food and exercise, and it simply felt overwhelming— another thing I would have to implement. The “low-tox people” and “non-chemical-living folk’ I knew were always hypersensitive about the subject too and a bit’ much’ in my opinion. I had been judgemental to others who lived and breathed the low-tox lifestyle and, for some reason, put a lot of pressure on myself and what kind of person I would be if I went down that road. I am not proud of it but want to be authentic. Besides that, I followed several health -and planet-friendly folk on social media I looked up to and had the impression that making these changes meant I would have to let go of all my favorite products. I also spoke to fellow health coaches who had mentioned throwing all their products away when learning about the harmful effects chemicals had on their health and their loved one’s health, and thus confirming what I believed I thought true. In retrospect, I put way too much pressure on myself and should have followed what I preach in other areas of my life (and coaching) from the get-go: taking things one step at a time. The only person putting pressure on me was me.

Ignorance is bliss. Nothing is more accurate when you become aware of the disturbing information around self-care and cleaning products. When reading the ingredient list on the back of most products, you will have no idea what these ingredients mean and what harmful effects these substances have on our bodies. I realized I couldn’t even pronounce most of them! That says something. The most mind-boggling information I came across is the following; companies are not required by law to list many dangerous ingredients as they fall under their intellectual property. Think of it as a chef not having to share the secret ingredients of his delicious recipes. Learning about the food industry, what goes into processed foods, and how our food is engineered and manipulated is one thing. Coming to terms with the fact that the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry doesn’t have people’s health and safety at heart is something else. I didn’t want to believe it; however, this is the truth of our modern-day world.

So, how did I start with my low-tox journey, and how do I get around it?

I find comfort knowing there is no end date to my health journey, it’s an everyday practice, and I am always a work in progress- in every area of my life. I took things one step at a time and slowly found joy in finding new products that improved my quality of life. I started using certified therapeutic essential oils, first for air quality and natural remedies, and after this evolved into a new creative hobby in making DIY green cleaning products. I found a company that I align with and buy most things under one roof, which uncomplicates things and saves me the sweat of finding out whether brands are legit or not. Transparency and third-party research are of extreme importance, and I save a lot of time by showing brand loyalty now. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Besides that, I follow the same simple rule I have with my nutrition; staying close to as few ingredients as possible.

In this all and by making small shifts, I experienced some unexpected wins in my health. I went from having an irregular period to consistent 28-day cycles, and my skin completely cleared up from redness and blemishes. After all, our skin is our body’s largest organ and absorbs everything we apply to it within our bloodstream in thirty seconds. It shouldn’t have been a surprise when I started to experience shifts in my health and didn’t make the connection sooner about what could have caused it. Our bodies are simply not made for these chemical hormone disruptors, and you have to get back to the basics to realign and restore- meaning getting back to nature and natural solutions. In the process, I now inspire others to take responsibility for their health in a completely different area that I hadn’t considered before and create a ripple effect in sustainable living to pursue the pure, hopefully resulting in an environmentally friendly and better world!

Woman showing her blemishes and rough skin with acne

Woman showing her skin and neck to show her blemish free skin after using chemical free products

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