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Michael Sayre


When I first started working with Sophie I had suffered the largest professional, financial & personal loss of my life.  I had and had put on a little over 40 pounds (18 kilos) of weight and was in full-on depression “pizza in blender mode”. I was drinking fairly heavily around 5 days a week and smoking about a pack a day.

Sophie helped me radically change my life, my health, the way I thought about, valued, respected and accepted myself.  For that I am eternally grateful, there are no words I can muster to eloquently express that.  Sophie is not just a nutritional coach, she invests in you, she learns who you are, where you are at and helps connect the dots to where you want to be.  I have been a client for nearly 2 years now and I meet with her twice a week, every week without fail.

In that time Sophie has helped me to quit smoking entirely, curbed my drinking, and educated me on how to use both food and supplements to nourish my body.  She’s taught me that good habits and gains are formed over time, and there isn’t a quick fix solution or one size fits all. She’s helped me on the journey to love myself, not just a version of myself that I wanted to be (or others to see me as) but the version of my self I really am. Her curriculum is custom and approach is incredibly supportive while holding me accountable.

To consider Sophie just a health & nutritional coach would be a disservice and inaccurate picture for what she’s done for me.  Sophie’s an empathetic & compassionate healer, a coach, an adviser and my friend.  I couldn’t recommend anyone higher to work with, or more worth the investment into yourself.  Thank you Sophie.

Sarah Dowden


I was not exactly sure what to expect before my first session with Sophie; looking back, I was assuming she would champion the “calories in, calories out” school of nutrition. I thought she might suggest an eating plan and I was already stressing about when and how I was going to screw it all up.My experience with her could not be further from this! She listened to me with such focus and compassion and told me things like: “you know what you’re doing” and “you can do this”. I did not realize how much I needed to hear this. She advocated loving myself, practicing non-judgment, and applying a gentle touch to managing my health. Her advice helped me reconnect to something I have been longing for, which is key to caring for myself with grace. The tools she provided me with are helping me become reacquainted with my body, so I can attend to what it needs and wants. For the first time in a very long time, I am feeling hopeful and I have her to thank. TL;DR Sophie Piso is it, y’all!

Hannah Shectar

Senior Marketing Manager

When I had my first consultation with Sophie, we instantly had a good connection and shared similar life paths which made me feel more comfortable as if I were being coached by a good friend to who I could relate on a personal level. Originally, I came to Sophie to have more control over what I ate and ‘have my jeans fit better, as well as have more balanced hormones. Not only did I have a better relationship with food by the end of the program, but – my acne virtually disappeared after some holistic tips and stress management which affected my hormones. I was able to limit and cope better with stress in my work and personal life/relationships too and became the most active I’ve ever been in my life as I turned exercise into a passion rather than a chore. In addition to that, I let go of my need for control in some aspects of my life and came out with a better mindset whilst becoming more mindful of my actions/reactions. It was worth the investment because I had someone regularly by my side as I needed help finding new coping strategies with my relationship with food, as well as with stress from all areas of my life. By the end of the coaching, I was able to discover a new mindset after finding the root cause of the stress, which I’ve been able to incorporate into my daily life. I loved that Sophie acted like a good friend and always tried to understand my issues at a deeper level. Sometimes I thought she was a trained therapist! I would recommend Sophie to any friend who needs help in approaching their life more holistically and is looking for someone who can bring results.

Rebekah Guilar

Account Manager

When I started talking to Sophie, I had already accepted I had anxiety and bouts of depression. I had spoken to many therapists over the years, created a good exercise routine to help manage this, and had a reasonably balanced diet. Though something didn’t feel right still and I started to accept this was just “who I was”. Since taking sessions with Sophie I’ve seen a huge shift in my attitude towards myself. I started by wanting to open up, reflect and explore my feelings with guidance however, Sophie brought the missing piece of this to the experience- tangible knowledge and action. She helped me do this by first being an amazing listener. I always feel like Sophie hears me, rather than is obliged to listen. This also made me understand what proper communication should be like and what it gives to you in return- power. Sophie was able to very tactfully and quickly take the important nuggets in my conversations with her and replay them back with her mindful perspective. The discussions we’d have from this then challenged me to change my thinking positively. She often recalls key moments from our past sessions that relate to our progressive conversations, which help give me clarity in my growth. She is superhuman. In both senses of the statement. She doesn’t just focus on one part of the journey to betterment, she can pull it all together, across other areas I never even knew I needed guidance in or the capability to change. Sophie can also be human in how we manage our time together. From sending texts at the start of the week to help motivate and inspire, to voice notes checking in on how I am. These always anchor my focus and set me back on the right path on difficult days. For me, I’ve noticed she has given me the ability to like myself. To feel I’m enough and I have more to give. She has given me hope that there are better things to come and that I have the power to make that happen for myself, from just feeding myself with a loving mentality to working on passion projects I never felt I could. I see myself as an open, positive person now which is not something I could have said before our connection. I cannot recommend Sophie enough. For me, as cliche, as it sounds, she’s been life-changing.

Tjeerd Braat

Creative Director

The way Sophie came into my life was through a mutual friend. Therefore it felt good and trustworthy to start working with her. Plus I’m a guy who trusts his instinct and see.. Here we are 1,5 year later since we started. Next to getting to know a coach, creating a better and a healthier lifestyle I also gained a friend. If I look back, I totally changed my habits for the best, got more knowledge about which foods work best for me and I had a personal workout motivator! In comparison to the man I was before when I started with Sophie to the man I’m now I can say I feel more open, positively driven and more alive than ever. There were 3 women in my life who helped and supported me last year in my transformation and Sophie is definitely one of them. Like I said I gained a friend.. So why the heck wouldn’t I recommend her to everyone!

Victoria Bracamontes


When I found Sophie, I had been looking for a dietician/nutritionist to help me lose weight and be healthier. Funny enough a couple of days before having my consultation with Sophie I had mentioned to some close friends how I was a bit lost in purpose and was developing some unwanted habits and I had no idea why that was.

After my first visit, and talking about what she could offer me as a life coach, I was intrigued. She offered to help me not just with my eating habits but also with all the factors surrounding the choices that led to my habits. I decided to choose her instead of simply a dietician because I wanted to get to the root of my problems. I didn’t want a restrictive diet, because every one of the other diets I had tried so far always gave me that bounce-back effect. I wanted to try something new to get different results from those I had always had before. She offered me the tools to understand myself better and through that make informed decisions about my actions. I’m not going to say I instantly said yes, I was a bit hesitant at first since it is an investment. Everything she offered sounded tempting, grocery visit, kitchen cleanse, tools to know me and take charge of my health. As a 26-year-old, who still feels like she’s getting the hang of being an “adult”, it sounded like the perfect way to feel comfortable with the day-to-day decisions that shape my life.

The deciding factor for me, in the end, was that she was genuine, I could feel it since Day 1 and for me it’s important I trust the person helping me achieve my best self. After 6 months, I can say the investment has been worth it. Throughout this time I went from only eating take out, to full-on meal prepping and enjoying cooking. My kitchen is my favorite place in my apartment now. I am no longer afraid of buying fruits and vegetables. I have a healthy relationship with food and am more aware of what I’m putting in my body and why. As if that wasn’t enough, apart from helping me reach the original goal of making better eating habits, with her help, I also learned how to be more active in my day to day life, I went from not exercising, to enjoying adding movement to my life almost daily.

The sum of these two aspects did lead me to lose some weight, but more importantly, it helped me feel better overall. I constantly felt well-rested and with sufficient energy without the extra caffeine boost. Every day since day 1, I feel more and more comfortable with my body. And I am aware that this is a continuous journey, there won’t be a day where I magically feel perfect and that’s the end, but rather each day I get a chance to choose what I want to do and how I want to do things. Each day I learn to love my body more and more and therefore take care that it is nourished, well-rested, active. This eventually also reached how I interact with others (family and friends), and how I did at work. The sessions with Sophie touched every aspect of my life and I feel they each improved in their way. I would recommend working with Sophie to anyone who wants a positive change in their life. If you are willing to be open and do the work (reflecting, searching within yourself, being honest), you will find yourself taking better care of yourself and see it reflected in your everyday life. So whether it is weight loss, time management, self-growth, or something else, this is an integrated solution that reaches every corner of your life.

I would say yes again and again to my time with Sophie. Thanks to her, I feel more capable of dealing with life (work, friends, boyfriend, money, active lifestyle, cooking, exploring my creativity) now.

Claire Grover

Senior Product Manager

In recent years the stress in my life had silently crept in and increased at a fast pace. I was managing it until all of a sudden I wasn’t. Noticeable changes in my wellbeing and health were the result: trouble sleeping, weight gain, and constant bloating. I tried my ever-reliable crash diets, but this time around they had no effect and I felt miserable in my body. A friend recommended I work with health coach Sophie. Within the first month I already learned how to better know my body and become aware of the signs it was giving me; my triggers on and off the plate. After the initial phase, Sophie advised me to take my findings to my GP and run some specific tests. Thanks to this, I learned I had built up certain intolerances due to hormone imbalances. Now we have created a personal nutrition and lifestyle plan that will hopefully allow me to regain full health naturally and sustainably. Without Sophie’s support who knows how long it could have taken to understand the root cause of my gut issues, instead of just masking the symptoms. I’m so thankful for her caring guidance and for her investment in going that extra mile to understand me and my uniqueness and for motivating me on my progress when I couldn’t always see it. Today I’m halfway towards my personal goals despite my health imbalances and I’m already feeling a world of difference in energy levels and confidence in my body. I’m positive that I will steadily regain full fitness at this rate, and that it will be for the long run this time.

Sha Lou Horton

Life Coach and Language Specialist

Quite simply, I chose to work with Sophie because I liked her. She ”picked me up” one night on Social Media and just didn’t stop caring and checking in on me. She genuinely cares about people and we decided to meet one Sunday and it all went from there.The investment was definitely worth every penny as she opened my eyes to many new ideas and always gave me super alternatives to the foods and drinks which I love to eat but which also cause me some issues. My biggest challenge was to help me with my ”sweet tooth” while looking at a more alkaline lifestyle too, after having had a tumor removed.With Sophie, I also realised that I actually needed to eat quite often during the day but only small portions to keep my energy levels stable. This has brought me back into my own kitchen again with ” healthy meal prepping” for the week and I LOVE it!

Business Mentoring

Rebecca Christenson

Health Coach

I felt very scattered in my mind, very anxious and unsure where to go next with my career at the time before working with Sophie. I was dealing with a lot of internal limiting beliefs that were holding me back, and almost paralyzing me from making the next move in my life. Said another way, I was having a hard time getting my heart and my ego to work together nicely. We went over why I was having these negative emotions popping up, what was holding me back, and the small but very effective steps I could take to get me out of my funk. I tried to journal, meditate, read self-help books, and I’ve invested in other coaches. It was just never enough for a lasting change in my life, I still felt stuck. Sophie was so warm, calming, and one of those people who I felt like I knew for 100 -years after speaking with her one time. I am so lucky and feel so blessed to have met her ESPECIALLY during this transitioning time in my life. Sophie, you are AMAZING at what you do! My confidence changed for the better, I think because I finally felt like I had someone on my side there for me with anything that I needed, and wasn’t going to make me feel judged or stupid for being at the phase I was. Sophie always welcomed me in and made me feel like I could reach out to her with anything and she would be there. When I would have moments of doubt or a hard time with my next move in my career/life Sophie would always know exactly how to lift me back up with really good questions that would get me out of my funk.

Mariza Lapalomento

Masseuse and Health Coach

Deciding to work with Sophie was a no-brainer for me. When we first spoke she exuded experience, knowledge, and professionalism. She asked questions and spoke in a manner that was easy to understand. Her price point was also very reasonable. Each time I spoke with Sophie I was reminded of why I invested in myself and why I chose her to be my coach. I felt so uplifted, encouraged, and valued! I really benefited from mindset work, setting healthy boundaries in my personal life as well as my business. I also loved all of the practical steps I got to move the needle of my business in the right direction. There were several ‘aha’ moments for me that she helped me get to by simply asking me questions. I will recommend her to anyone I meet!


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