My Philosophy

You are unique. There is nobody on earth quite like you. There is not one person that has the same habits, values, beliefs, perspectives, feelings, mindset, and lifestyle. Your body doesn’t differ from that; there is not one person’s body that works exactly like yours either! Have you ever thought of it that way? For instance, did you know your gut is as unique to you as your fingerprint? Your digestive environment dictates how and what you absorb from your nutrition. You are simply one of a kind, and your diet should be too.

Unfortunately when it comes to food many of us are disconnected from our body’s needs and tend to go ‘outwards’ for answers. Following the latest magazine article or fad-diet food rules. Which is all quite understanding with contradictory information online! We find ourselves disconnected from ourselves, forgetting our bodies know best and are always communicating to us. We look at other people’s plates, compare and judge ourselves based on other people’s standards. In my coaching, I help you reconnect with your intuition so you feel fully capable of making well-informed decisions yourself. There is no set plan, or a one size fits all approach that might be recommended by other authority figures. Together we will set you up for success to become your own best expert whilst adding in more foods that make you feel balanced, energized, and happy. 

My coaching follows a holistic framework that takes all areas of your life into account. It’s essential to bring awareness to events that influence your daily food choices when working on your nutrition.

Does stress at your job cause you to grab the crisps? Is your toxic relationship draining the energy out of you? Is it the culprit to your digestive distress, the inflammatory foods, or your emotional rollercoasters? Or does a lack of sleep cause you to binge sugar for energy?

Can you see why food is only one piece of the health puzzle when it comes to your well-being? Together, we will focus on behavioral change, daily habits, and cultivating a positive mindset to ensure sustained success combined with nutrition and a healthy dose of humor and fun…

This is so much more than a weight loss program. As a coach, I know life happens, and your needs will change. A diet that worked before may not help today, and this may occur again. That’s why I want to equip you with the self-awareness to make the best choices for yourself in any given circumstance. I believe each person can make well-informed decisions as their expert and trusting their own decisions. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your nutrition, heal your relationship with food, increase energy, balance your hormones, or feel better with healthier habits, we will find a way of working that works best for your unique self! Let’s define what radiant health looks like for you and work together to co-create your health goals!


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